Monday, 22 October 2012


The papal fanon has returned, sing joyfully unto God! I first saw the fanon in a biography of John Paul II by Lord Longford many years ago and thought it a rather ugly thing, and I guess it's one of those things where I really can't understand the enthusiasm for its return; although the photograph was taken somewhere like Phoenix Park or Knock (I think it was in Ireland), and the general hideousness of John Paul II's attire may have formed my view of the fanon; who cares? I certainly don't care for modern papal liturgy. This ''Rome is home'' mentality, the pope is a Mr Fix-it (who can't fix it) idea are sentiments foreign to my nature. The pope was the peasant who dropped the stone in the mountains...I know, we'll all look to the pope a century later to try and sort it all out. Never mind that the pope publically celebrates Mass facing the wrong way...oh what's the bloody point in carrying on? Why bother repeating myself? Just take this as a proverbial raspberry and two fingers up.


  1. I was confused at first as I thought the fanon was the old English name for a maniple.

    When he starts wearing one of those, then it might be cause for optimism

  2. I never cease to marvel at the gullibility of conservative and trad Catholics. Something like this sends them into fits of ecstasy over at Rorate and the NLM, but NOTHING changes at the parish Mass, which is what really matters. And this has been going for the better part of half a century! When are these people ever going to face reality?

  3. Why do you say that His Holiness celebrates the 'wrong way' surely in St Peter's he is still facing East?

  4. And here I thought it was a sort of bib (like my chilren wore at meals when they were prone to dribble...
    But then it turns out to be a sign of papal uniqueness after all.
    Ah well.

  5. And here I thought it was a kind of bib, like my children wore at meals when they were very young and prone to dribble!
    But it turns out as an emblem of papal uniqueness!
    who would have thought....