Friday, 29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding...

I offer my heartfelt congratulations to the newly-wed Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. It is very catholic and godly to greatly reverence the Royal Family; like the Tradition of the Church, they are a fundamental connexion to God, and a symbol of the national Christian tradition. You cannot be a good Catholic and support pure democracy in my very humble opinion; democracy is simply the exaltation of oligarchical despotism and authority which comes not from God and by no means mirrors the authority of God in Heaven. If the King is a despot, at least there's only one of him. Nevertheless it is a great day to be English (though not ''British''), and to be Irish. A plague upon enemies of the Crown!

Fabulous dress too...


  1. Christ is Risen!

    I wholeheartedly concur with the sentiments expressed by Patricius. God save Their Royal Highnesses the newly-wed Duke and Duchess of Cambridge! Any British Subject who cannot remain loyal to his or her Sovereign has no right to remain living here. Such persons should either have the decency to renounce their British nationality and emigrate elsewhere, or be prepared to face trial as traitors.

  2. Many Years! And God save The Queen!

    Christ is risen!

  3. Hear, hear!

    A splendid day. God save their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and God save HM The Queen!

  4. Personally, I far prefer invoking a pox but I share your general sentiment. And the dress was simply elegant.

  5. Being of both English and Irish descent (although an American, bah!) I concur, Patricius.

    There is something so deep, so absolutely primal in all of this...we'll wait and see (although I'll probably be dead by the time "Our Lady's Dowry" returns to the fold).