Saturday, 22 October 2011

St Frideswide of Oxford...

I'm sorry I neglected to publish this, but this post is for my Oxonian readers. On the 19th October it was the festival of St Frideswide of Oxford, a Royal Abbess, c. A.D 650-19th October 727. The little we know about her life can be found in the South English Legendary, a 13th century hagriographic manuscript preserved (largely) in the Bodleian Library. According to the legendarium she eluded the clutches of a noble suitor, and made her life as a recluse at Bisney. She later founded a priory where Christ Church Cathedral stands today.

Liturgiae Causa is under the patronage of J.R.R Tolkien and a host of old English saints, such as Sts Augustine, Bede, Edward the Confessor, Margaret of Scotland, Æthelwold of Winchester, Aidan, Cedd of Lastingham, etc. May they bless this work and amend it.

Every blessing of pure virginity is preserved only in the fastness of a free mind, rather than in the more limited state of being physically intact. Enforced imposition upon the body can never undermine the blessing secured by an unshakeable free will.

St Augustine confirms this most elegantly when he declares: ''the sanctity of the body remains if the sanctity of the soul is intact, even when the body is overcome. Equally the sanctity of the body is lost if the purity of the soul is surrendered, even if the body remains physically intact.'' Elswhere he says that ''virginity of the heart is an unsullied faith.'' (St Aldhelm - De Virginitate).

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  1. Patricii!

    I hope that you also count on the patronage of St Harold II, Last Orthodox King of England, and those slain with him at Hastings in defence of this realm against the papist invader.