Saturday, 22 September 2012

Two posts...

I have published two draft posts, on topics which in hindsight were beyond my skill as a writer to complete and beyond the scope of this 'blog to bother worrying about. I have edited nothing. The one is about (or at least was intended to be about) Christian elements in Gandalf and the wizards of Middle-earth in general, the other about similarities between the codification of the Sacred Canons and a canonical Silmarillion narrative. Both are vastly unfinished and incoherent, and I have left the ''notes'' I am accustomed to jot down as I get new ideas (it grew in the telling, sort of thing). They were composed weeks ago, and weeks apart.

I just gave up. Enjoy! If you think they are worth completing I may return to them later.

1 comment:

  1. Was shocked to find this blog still in operation. For a guy who has abandoned religion all together you have a lot of religious content.
    As to your writing,Christian elements in Gandalf might be of interest only to see if you could add anything beyond what has already been written by others such as Joseph Pearce ( actually most of his is on CDs and DVDs).
    So, what are you now? Catholic? Roman Catholic? Unafiliated Catholic? C of E Catholic?
    Still waiting for the second oops! third coming of the pre-reformation English Catholic Church? Queen Mary I & Cardinal Archbishop Pole was the second coming.
    Just curious where you are at now. Not judging. I don't know where I am at either.