Tuesday, 26 February 2013


The most vociferous critics of homosexuality are usually closet homosexuals themselves so it's hardly surprising that Keith O'Brien is embroiled in a new scandal - what was it? Inappropriate behaviour? That could mean anything but controversies of this sort are usually of a sexual nature. Doesn't really do the credibility of the Roman communion much good, does it? A bishop ranting from the pulpit about Sodom and Gomorrah while simultaneously trying desperately to coneal the nature of his own sexuality. I could have said ''and then going off to shag his male partner,'' as has oft been the case with men of this sort, but that, sadly, cannot be proven. But what a terrible shock to the Traddies! Keith was a veritable hero to their cause, what with his consistent defense of sacramental matrimony, pro-life causes and, of course, his denouncing of homosexuality (and the unsuitability of homosexual men to the priesthood), and now this? And during the imminent resignation of the pope from office! Didn't I say that the coming weeks would be interesting?

I may have fallen out of favour with the Traddies because of my openness but at least I don't criticize people for problems I have myself. See here for an article ''bang to rights,'' as the saying goes. The less credibility the Roman communion has in the eyes of the world, the better for everyone.

I should add that nothing is proven even if I myself believe the accusations to be true. It could be that there are some nasty people using the ''crisis'' of the upcoming papal resignation as an opportune time to create problems for a morally upright man by playing on the sexual abuse crisis; but then it could also be that they are true, that there were acts of impropriety and they were rightly scandalized to see this man's rise in the Roman communion to Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh and thence to Cardinal. If so, why wait 30 years? Or maybe it's all just a lot of rubbish. Personally, I feel so numb on account of the inferiority of my own circumstances that I scarcely care about other people, least of all a Scotsman of Taig extraction.


  1. Looking at the latest BBC reports it appears you were quite correct - as you so often are - about O'Brien and that he had gay encounters.

    The blatant hypocrisy of the man is what is so distasteful. One is reminded of the first series of 'Blackadder' and the scene from the first episode of that series where Prince Edmund has just realised he is hiding Henry Tudor in his rooms when the Queen knocks on his door. On being refused entry the Queen asks if Prince Edmund is hiding a woman, man or a sheep. Prince Edmund exclaims 'Baa' to which the Queen, played by Elspeth Gray, responds with the wonderful line 'Edmund! It is the lying that hurts'.

  2. Very good, interesting how the traddies seem to rush to the defence of O'Brien. Of course to them it's just a liberal, tablet, pope hating,proddy, masonic, Homo-heretic plot.

    Smacks of hypocrisy if you ask me. If instead of O'Brien it was Schonborn, I think their reaction would be rather different. They'd be rubbing their hands with glee.In fact on the delghtful Mundabor blog Schonborn is already a homosexual and a paedophile. Well I suppose he must be for allowing a gay man to be elected to a parish council, and having a particular fondness for balloons!

    In trad circles it's a case of don't ask and don't tell, but even more importanly don't get found out