Tuesday, 30 August 2011

On Sunday...

I'm sorry readers, I have been idle. Not strictly through lack of impetus to blog; my computer crashed and I am now using a new one, with a new keyboard (with which I am not as yet familiar; it's not a Mac or anything, the keyboard is just slightly smaller than the old one and I keep making typo's).

Anywho, the post about those blasted Franciscans and the Paul III Breviary reform will have to wait I'm afraid as I currently have a host of other cares and commitments which seem to me to be far more important than this 'blog. This is just a brief note to say that I am not dead (I am very much alive), and will be (with loathing and pain) going to a Roman church for Sunday Mass to try out the New ICEL. I think I shall find the responses a nuissance (I won't personally be saying or doing anything), but I expect it will be good sport to watch the celebrant stammer through the new impoverished ''missal,'' and the usual gimcrack synonymous with the Novus Ordo. Heaven help the innocent Romans subjected to this insult to the godly English tongue! The more I think about it the more I am enraged by the mere fact of the existence of the Papacy. Was there ever a greater spectacle, in the entire history of the Church, of so great liturgical incompetence?


  1. From the newsletter of Our Lady and St Thomas of Canterbury dated 27th & 28th August 2011.

    "New translation of the Ordinary of the Mass
    ..When our current translation was approved in the 70's, those responsible knew its shortcomings. But it has served us well for all that. Now finally we have a new translation...It is also more true to the Original Latin prayers, many of which are well over 1,000 years old .... we may all be a bit halting and hesitant in our responses than usual. Soon we will find ourselves as familiar with the new texts as with the old, and have the benefit of being helped to think more about what we say and why!"

    Geo. Orwell pray for us!

  2. Lucky you, Patricius. We North Americans must wait until 1st Advent to hear the new English translation. I already have the CTS English-Latin daily Missal on order. At £45 / $73 / ~€50 it's a good investment in my view. All of the missal save the lections are bilingual. Frankly, I'll just read the Latin side. Forget the English.

    I have two high-church parishes near me when I'm in the States (OF ad orientem, Latin ordinary chants) that will actually say the English propers word-for-word. The new translation has some significant problems, but it's light-years ahead of 1973.

    Beware: Lots of priests will continue to use the Sacramentary or simply botch the shit out of the new propers. I don't have high hopes that many priests are going to take their sacerdotal duties seriously. After all, many haven't for almost 50 years. Why change now?

    Eh, the old computer is probably fine. Hold on to it. Plenty of people give me "broken computers" for almost free. Many of them are perfectly useful after a hard drive wipe. Start using Linux! Break free of the Micro$oft addiction and go open source!


  3. Oh, good. Schadenfreude and rage. There's Christianity for you.