Sunday, 1 April 2012

Palm Sunday...

Holy Week is upon us once more, and again my diary is full. From Spy Wednesday even unto Easter Even my fellow churchmen and I shall be following the Old Roman Rite to the letter. I'd rather be doing Sarum, of course, but on the positive side - if we didn't do it, who the hell would?
I am at this very moment travelling many miles out of my way for a celebration of traditional Palm Sunday. I could, of course, walk the 17 minutes down hill to Blackfen for what purports to be a ''high Mass'' with folded chasubles, but since they claim to be implementing Summorum Pontificum (are folded chasubles allowed by Summorum Pontificum?), and that I was thrust from the sacristy like an unclean thing last year, I think I shall be staying away from that place. Oh well. I did remember to shake the dust from my feet as I departed, in token of the wrath to come.
On that thought, I wish you all the best for Holy Week!

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  1. I was alone for most of Holy Week - all Sarum. My wife come to Maundy Thursday, and she and another lady came to Easter Even. My mother-in-law came to Mass this morning, and we sang the Messe Royale of Henri Dumont.

    Next year, you will need to take the week off, and get over here to Normandy - from whence the Use of Sarum originated.