Saturday, 23 June 2012

Papa loquitur...

I thought this was funny!

By the way, the C.S Lewis text to which I referred (I think) in the last post is: Homo post-Christianus non similis homini pre-Christiano. Tantum distant ut vidua a virgine: nihil commune est nisi absentia sponsi: sed magna differentia intra absentiam sponsi venturi et sponsa amissi! (The Latin Letters of C.S Lewis, no.23). Perhaps I should have substituted the word ''whore'' for ''widow,'' though. In hindsight it would have worked better; I am not, after all, interested in or experienced in other religions than Christianity, and the former has a nasty, misleading connotation.

I am at this time re-reading The History of Middle-earth in anticipation of the 75th anniversary of the publication of The Hobbit. Perhaps this is not the best way forward, since The Hobbit was not at first conceived as part of the history of Middle-earth - one of the reasons Christopher Tolkien refused to compile a ''history of The Hobbit.''


  1. Have you not been celebrating the 50th anniversary of the spewing forth of the 1962 missal?

  2. Which edition? Weren't there three?

    And I had actually quite forgotten that the Mass of Ages is now 50 years old. My father is 55...