Sunday, 17 June 2012


Hullo readers,

As some of you may have noticed (notwithstanding the dramatic fall in my stats) I have given the 'blog a makeover, in some ways to better reflect my present inferior circumstances. Well, post-Christian man is hardly the same as pre-Christian man, is he? I feel like a whore (as any apostate would) if I'm honest, even if my conscience (trained to the domination of...things) is a nagging old lady and puts me off breakfast. Anyway, if any of you use Facebook I have created a page for Liturgiae Causa, which I shall use on a semi-regular basis to post updates and whatever else I feel is apt to the renewal of things liturgical.

Please like my page :)


  1. I wonder if you got my message?

  2. Patrick,
    i did ''like'' your facebook page ''Liturgiae causa'', even twice, but it never showed up at my own facebook page.
    Much good luck with your new undertaking!