Monday, 6 May 2013

Our Lady of Pew...

A very happy Easter to you all. For those of you who are interested the Society of Our Lady of Pew will be having their annual Mass at the shrine in Westminster Abbey on Friday 10th May after Evensong. Like the Banqueting House I go merely to shew solidarity.

Do come along if you have a mind.


  1. In a so far almost fruitless search for information online about the Society of Our Lady of Pew, I've come across your post from 3 years ago. I wonder if you could tell me the date of the annual Mass for the Society for this year (2016)? Many thanks. GD

    1. I'm afraid the contact I had with the society has been broken. I used to go to this mass with an elderly gentleman with whom I have since parted ways, so I don't know when the mass will be this year. You might like to contact the Precentor of Westminster Abbey to find out.