Monday, 21 July 2014

The evils of tolerance...

If tolerance of other peoples' false beliefs and customs were an Apostolick tenet then there'd be no Christian faith to-day. If St Paul had said to the Galatians, "oh you know, I respect your rights to carry out genital mutilation and to carry on adhering to the Law," what would be the state of the churches in Galatia? Or if the Synod of Whitby found that it had no right to impose orthodox Roman customs upon the Celts, what would be the state of Christianity in seventh century Northumbria? Or, speaking generally, what of evangalisation? Do Christians not have a duty to evangelise? What's the point of sending out missions to pagan villages if, upon arrival, they just say, "oh, we understand that you believe in pagan gods and human sacrifice; we believe in Jesus Christ, but we'll just agree to differ because we don't wish to cause offence to anybody." What a waste of time! Liberalism is completely incompatible with Christianity.

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