Saturday, 9 August 2014

Crux, crucis...

Some years ago I donated my grandmother's old Spanish crucifix (terribly life-like) to a friend of mine. My mother didn't much like it due, in part, to its size, my old obsession with it and the fact that she and my grandmother are seldom on speaking terms. I had two other roods but I gave those away to an old acquaintance from Blackfen last year (or the year before), along with some other papist devotional rubbish and a lot of books. Apart from a small brass crucifix that I received at Baptism (which is in the loft) I have been without a crucifix since then. This worries me because I have always considered the display of Christ's Rood in the Christian household to be, in a word, necessary.

The trouble is, if you type "crucifix" into the eBay search engine thousands upon thousands of distasteful, ugly crucifixes appear; objects that nobody in their right mind would buy (or accept as gifts). Doe anybody know of an online shop that sells nice crucifixes? I am looking for something old.


  1. My parents own a white alabaster Calvary Crucifix, free-standing with images of the Blessed Virgin, St Mary Magdalene and St John the Beloved. My mother bought it in Corfu in 1993. I have been entreating them for years to have it but the answer has been invariably no.

  2. How about this?

  3. Don't lose patience with Ebay. You can cut down the numbers to view by putting in your price range and using "wall crucifix". You could also check "Buy it Now" to further control the price. I'm sure something aesthetically blameless will show up; if not, expand the search by checking "worldwide." You could also put in "Orthodox wall crucifix" since you appear to like that style.