Friday, 8 August 2014

Update on Orthodoxy...

Some time ago I let it be known my intention to join Holy Orthodoxy. As you might expect, I have done nothing about it. Last weekend I had the excuse that I was working Saturday, had no money and didn't much relish the idea of waiting around the West End for Vespers at Moscow Road. My disinclination was due, in part, to not feeling altogether well. This week I have been laid low with the worst cold/chest infection I have had in many years. I lost my voice on Tuesday and was sent home from work on Wednesday, finding breathing increasingly difficult. I don't suppose I'll be doing anything about it this weekend either; though I fully intend on attending services for the Assumption.

In the meantime, I have taken up the reading of The Lord of the Rings. Bilbo disappeared after giving his speech at his eleventy-first birthday party, leaving Frodo the Master of Bag End and Gandalf's suspicions about Bilbo's magic ring have led him to make a sudden departure. I hadn't wanted to leave the house to-day but I have run out of brandy.


  1. "Run out of brandy"?

    Oh dear, Patricius, you have walked into sounding rather pretentious with that one! ;-p

    1. I should clarify that by Assumption I mean the Dormition Fast and Old Kalendar Assumption (15th August), 28th new style.