Friday, 18 March 2011

Fiery Dragons...

I'm afraid that I am as susceptible to flattery as a Dragon - this reminds me of the time that my Store Manager told me that I ''think about things in a way which is beyond most people who work here.''

Art: Ted Nasmith. It depicts the sack of Nargothrond, and the capture of the Elven women, among them Finduilas. Turambar stands motionless under the spell of Glaurung, father of Dragons, as Finduilas cries out to him.


  1. "there is a little theological dictum that seems relevant to the Pimpernel, "Extra ecclesiam nulla salvus"....

    or "nulla salus" even.

  2. Bryan, yes I had noticed that but thought better of pointing it out. It would not have been the first time I had cause to correct the Pimpernel's Latin.

  3. You probably do not like Wagner. But the use by both him and Tolkien of Norse and British matter is interesting and revealing. Turin, Siegfried, Sigurd, etc.

    And the parallels between Menegroth and Monsalvat.

    And Siegfried's Funeral March-might it not have been the work of some Numenorean bard?

  4. Bryan,

    As always your good manners and decorum are shining example. You are clearly that increasingly rare thing, a Christian gentleman! How unfortunate some people cannot emulate you.