Sunday, 26 October 2014


While others are celebrating the "social kingship of Christ" I thought I'd point out that to-day was, of old, the festival of the translation of the relicks of St Edward the Confessor. He is one of my favourites. Maybe it's some nostalgic sentiment about the flower of Anglo-Saxon England being severed at Hastings or, perhaps, the preservation of our Royal Family when continental revolutions and reformations, indeed the flowing streams of time (remember Gollum's riddle?), have destroyed others; who knows? I do attribute the royal patronage of St Edward to the preservation of the last Christian remnant of our nation, that is The Queen. All about is dark and the darkness is inexorable; soon it will engulf even this Sceptred Isle and, as the Prophets awaited the Nativity of Christ so too we must await His Coming under the shadow of death. St Edward, pray for us!

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