Sunday, 4 May 2014

Apostate from the Faith...

Have you seen this? There's something very unwholesome about a priestess...and before I am shot down in flames, why may we not say this? Is it less correct (politically) to say that a woman is an actress or a seamstress? Very unwholesome indeed. The connotations of the term priestess are more pagan, of course. I have known few priestesses (as you might expect) in my life but those few whom I have met have invariably always struck me as decidedly unfeminine, unattractive and with very funny ideas. It's like lesbianism. I think it's fair to say that I am averse to women in general but I think I can say with total confidence that lesbians, like priestesses, deep down want an erect phallus of their own. Feminism, the monstrous regiment of women, it has nothing whatever to do with "equality." These reprobate women, fallen foul of the Gospel, simply want to turn the tables of their perception of history and enslave men in their turn. If, as this report says, about one third of the clergy of the Church of England are now women then I am very worried indeed.

Hideous beyond belief...

Some friends and I agreed yesterday that if the Church of England had remained 1662 Prayer Book then she would be in a far stronger, more credible position to-day than she is forsooth. Instead, she is far removed from Christ's ordinances, so much so that we may safely say that the Anglican Communion, and all the members thereof (except One), are apostate from the Faith.


  1. Never seen a gray mitre before! Does this creature have a name or is she an actress?

    1. I have no idea. I found this in Google Images, not the BBC report. You must concede that she is rather ugly. Like lesbians, this goes for most priestesses that I have seen to date. Ugly, unpleasant women that no man in his right mind would ever marry.

    2. Her name is Irja Askola, Lutheran bishop of Helsinki. One of her "consecrators" was the Anglican bishop emeritus Edward Darling.

    3. Ah, so not really an Anglican but symptomatic of the same disease.