Tuesday, 28 September 2010

I'm not dead...

Deeply apologetic about my recent absence. This has been due to a combination of various other more important cares than blogging, not least the Papal visit and my University stuff, and disinclination - I can't think of anything interesting to say, nor am I that bothered about listening to any Muses. I haven't even kept track of other blogs for about a week, not even personal favourites like Fr Hunwicke's. Liturgy is very interesting but it is depressing to talk about. I sometimes think that if Liturgy were restored to what it was ''of old'' (whenever that was) that there'd be no need to discuss Liturgy at all - at least in the way that we do, or at least I do on this blog.

I still think that Liturgy is more important than the Papacy and that Summorum Pontificum is the enemy of Tradition. I'm not quite ''back'' yet though. Blogging may be sporadic perforce as of now - I am about to (Lord willing) start my new Classics degree, a worthy pursuit, although I still have one or two trivial things to sort out (such as enrolment, and rearranging my hours in my wonderful job which pays ever so well and gives me the best job satisfaction); it's just a question of finding time and inclination for such things.

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  1. Dear Patricius. May I wish you every joy and success in your new Student environment. Keep us fully up to date with progress and do invite all your Readers to your "Passing Out" parade in three years' time.