Monday, 6 September 2010


Since I have writer's block I'd like to thank all my readers for their encouraging and very intelligent comments. I find that it is very often the case that most of the good stuff, worth reading, on this blog is actually found in the comment box from people other than the poor blog host! For those of you who think I am a schismatic, or a heretic, well you're welcome to think that, but I have no plans on leaving the Roman Church for all her shortcomings and want of Tradition. I think that something very drastic would have to happen, in my living memory, for me to do that.

In the meanwhile I had begun the composition of a post on concepts of waking memory and the Anamnesis in a Tolkienian context - something about the presence of Christ in even the most minute points of liturgical tradition, and that the abolition of these small things is a real deprivation, and detracts somewhat from a more complete and authentic Christological liturgical experience...what is defective about modern liturgy is precisely that it is largely made up, with no real ground in Tradition - which is Christological.

I don't know...I always start out with a ''good idea'', but one cannot simply summon the Muse. Do let me know if you think this is worth pursuing.


  1. Well, I think it would be a good idea, but I am odd and find Anamnesis the most interesting of concepts.....

  2. Now I cannot remember if I commented here or not (and I thought I was not that old at my last birthday...), but I think you should definitely cover the concept of Anamnesis.

    It is something that fascinated me when explained to me - that now and then are the same - but I'd like to understand it more, beyond the normal explanation in the context of the eucharistic sacrifice.