Friday, 24 December 2010


I wish all those readers of this blog who follow the New Kalendar all the temporal and spiritual blessings in the Lord on this most dear of feasts, the feast of Our Lord's Nativity.

I am off presently to assist at Midnight Mass in my parish, bearing a bottle of now-famous Pinot Grigio (private joke). I shall try to mentally blot out the lace ornamentation, the all too many children on the Sanctuary and whatever mistakes the clergy make and imagine I am far far away in 13th century Pontigny. When I decided to include this I was in fact reminded of that scene from Gosford Park where Lady Trentham scoffs at her breakfast: ''Ewww, bought marmalade...still one can't have everything I suppose.''

A very merry Christmas to you all.


  1. A blessed Christmas to you (and to everyone else).

    When you have time, perhaps you could write a post on the kalendar. I would be interested in reading why you think it was wrong to move to the Gregorian. The move to the Gregorian kalendar is something I have some sympathy with (the reasons for which I could also explain should you decide to write such a post).

  2. Happy Christmas to you and your readers.

    At St Mary Moorfields last evening we sang Puer natus at Communion. A beautiful summary of our Faith:

    "6. De matre natus virgine, Alleluia.
    Sine virili semine; Alleluia.

    7. Sine serpentis vulnere, Alleluia.
    De nostro venit sanguine; Alleluia.

    8. In carne nobis similis, Alleluia.
    Peccato sed dissimilis; Alleluia.

    9. Ut redderet nos homines, Alleluia.
    Deo et sibi similes. Alleluia."

  3. If you were in Pontigny you'd be able to venerate the mortal remains of our holy patron the great St Edmund of Canterbury. Have a glorious feast and season.
    Alan Robinson

  4. Happy Christmas to you and to your readers, and a prosperous, serene, love-filled and blessed year 2011!
    from a priestly fan of your weblog