Monday, 5 September 2011

Some real Liturgy...

It has occurred to me that I have been writing this 'blog for well over a year now and haven't actually arranged any real Liturgy. This is a problem. If anybody is interested, you can email me at Please no Traddie riff raff. I want to do Sarum, not 1962 with yards of commonplace lace ornamentation and tabard-shaped chasubles. If I wanted that I could visit a host of churches in London. Perhaps some Office and High Mass...


  1. You said a couple of posts ago:

    "The more I think about it the more I am enraged by the mere fact of the existence of the Papacy. Was there ever a greater spectacle, in the entire history of the Church, of so great liturgical incompetence?"

    This, I asume is your attempt to answer your own question.

  2. Try ROCOR maybe, get in touch with whoever is involved through the channels we know. FYI I found a lovely set of Mass vestments in the Servers Sacristy today; the chasuble is of the fuller shape with beautiful wine-coloured orphreys, and stole is as thin as a pencil and longer than the M4 and the maniple is like a beautiful little ribbon. I think it's down there because it would never fit a Priest over 4 foot tall.

    So call me when you organise it and drill me in Sarum. I'd love to be a Stikarosani for a real English Liturgy.

  3. Ex Fide, no prob. If only the newly-restored Roman hierarchy in this country had gone back to Sarum then maybe we wouldn't need to try and revive it ourselves. I can't wait to see the vestments!