Tuesday, 29 November 2011

St Quentin of Bumhampton...

Well this certainly tickled my fancy when I opened the email from Blogger. A comment from a less-than-sympathetic reader? A cruel joke? An innocuous observation? Think of it what you will!

You know, I've long suspected that Anglo-Catholics should be called Gaynglicans and that most men who dress up and get all exercised about liturgy aren't exactly the most butch, but you sir, take the cake.
Why not just canonize Quentin Crisp and be done with it?


  1. Golly! One suspects there is a lot of projection and/or transference in that cowardly message.

    You must be hitting nails on their proverbial heads Patricius!

  2. Well whatever his intent, I found it rather amusing.

    You know, I've never fully understood what Quentin Crisp was (he was a bit before my time, you see). I asked my father years ago, and he said: ''a bloody poofter.''

    Nuff said!

  3. He certainly was, but he was also a most witty and entertaining one at that, and generous besides. And unlike shrill "LGBT" scolds today, he had a sense of humor! Would that we had more Quentin Crisps instead of Peter Tatchells..

  4. Nobody likes Peter Tatchell, and I certainly don't identify with the LGBT movement. I was appalled when, a few years ago, I read about a New York city church which had been broken into, and used condoms strewn across the sanctuary floor, and over the High Altar.

  5. Homophobes, especially those with a chip on their shoulder who spew hate mail, are totally friends of Dorothy. Handle all these with caution, especially priests.

    Plenty of TLM/Anglo-Catholic Masses I've been to over the years pinned my nelly-o-meter. Don't like the Sunday Baroque? I hate musicals (and I grew up near NYC, go figure). That's why you'll find me rattling the beads at the early Mass.

    Peter Tatchell completely pissed me off when he tried to sexualize Cdl. Newman's companionship with Fr. St. John. Go ahead Pete, eat the wrapper and throw away the sweet! I'll take intimate companionship over sex any day.

    The cathedral you refer to is New York City's archepiscopal seat, St. Patrick's. ACT UP also invaded sung Mass once and desecrated Hosts by stamping on them right in front of the clergy and the lay-faithful. The clergy are a bit more discriminating now about the administration of the Eucharist, but still permit communion in the hand (why? after that?)

  6. Okay, mea maxima culpa.

    I shouldn't use the word "nelly" to describe Solemn Mass. That's just as bad as the dreck the poisoned pen nimrod spewed into Patricius's inbox. Plenty of people of all aesthetic and sexual persuasions go to Solemn Mass weekly. Liturgical preference has nothing to do with sexuality in general, "butch or femme" (whatever those are), or Broadway.

    It's really sad that even people like me who acknowledge their homosexuality reflexively play into stereotypes about homosexuals who act differently than they do. Just live and live.

  7. I'd take it as a compliment. Sounds like he was hitting on you.

    Just saying.

  8. Every person is unique and has a role to play upon the stage of life. It has been my experience, that the ordered public worship of God (Liturgy) is of interest not only to gay men, but, in varying degrees, to most human beigns, and certainly to all men and women who are truly orthodox and catholic. Can one be authentically Catholic and not appreciate the Divine Liturgy? All men are naturally attracted to Beauty, which is GOD; the christian, follower of a mystery religion and believer in an Incarnate God, is also supernatraully attracted to Beauty. If the percentage of gay people who busy themselves more intensely with Liturgy is somewhat higher than average, it may be, fistly, because most gay people, not having children to bring up, have more time to spend on things that interest them, including religion, than do married persons with children. And secondly, it may well be true that more gay people than others have an inborn talent for creating, recognising and cultivating Beauty, as well as an keener awareness of and deeper need for God's love, which is expressed in worship. Which should not be reckoned as somethng shameful, but as a gift, which enriches the whole of mankind, something, thus to be glad to own!