Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Beatus Andreas Apostolus sit pro nobis perpetuus intercessor. I trust you all had a pleasant feast day? I know I did (thank you lovely friend)! I have now raided my father's vintage whiskey cupboard - well not really, his middle name is Andrew, and he seemed pleased that today was one of his name days; and has let me partake of some of his 30 year old Glenfarclas. I'm no connoisseur of whiskey, but cheers dad!

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  1. Whisky is something that really does not agree with me; Rubricarius can bear witness. It is a shame, because my sister’s holiday retreat place in Crickhowell (Black Mountains / Brecon Beacons) is very close to the one and only distillery in Wales.

    Of course, I celebrated St Andrew’s Day a couple of days ago—according to the True Kalendar. I sang the Liturgy for a congregation that mostly consisted of Belorussian nuns.