Thursday, 3 January 2013

Tolkien the byrding...

I hadn't forgotten that Blessed Tolkien is the byrding today, the Octave day of St John the Evangelist according to the new kalendar. I refer back to a post I published two years ago today, which has proved quite popular since. Actually, I neglected to add a quotation I found from one of Tolkien's private, unpublished letters, and from the very year in which Maxima Redemptionis came into force:

''I feel a little dislocated and even a little sad at my age to know that the ceremonies and modes so long familiar and deeply associated with the season will never be heard again!'' (Letter to Patricia  Kirke, 28th March 1956). Spy Wednesday - how apposite! It is likely, therefore, that Tolkien had Palm Sunday in mind when he wrote this.

The above photo is a Tolkien family photo taken in 1955. I don't know everyone but present are Edith (Tolkien's wife), Hilary Tolkien (his brother), Fr John Tolkien (his son), and on the far right is Jane Neave, (Tolkien's aunt).

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