Sunday, 31 January 2016


As I sat in my pew yesternoon, watching as the other queens came in with their male partners and thinking about one, an old acquaintance who, outside the chapel, had looked me up and down and turned away, I couldn't help but be reminded of this scene from The Naked Civil Servant (starting at about 6:52). "Certainly no friends among my own kind," said Mr Crisp.

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  1. I find the Quentin Crisp autobiography very touching. I have seen parts of this Naked Civil Servant series of parts, and I'll watch the rest tonight. He was a haunting character. I found some scientific / psychological sites on the internet linking Aspergers / autism spectrum men with effeminate characteristics, at least in a significant number of cases. People can only be themselves and live with what they are. That applies to you, I and all of us.

    The important thing for you or I is to know ourselves, know our limits and our strengths, and concentrating on the positive, developing our own talents. If you're not welcome in one place, go where you are welcome.