Monday, 12 September 2011

No Popery...

I used to think that such images as these encapsulated the liturgical ideal, but I am beginning to wonder. After all, what is this but the bishop of Rome, who claims to be Christ's one-and-only infallible vicegerent on earth and the dispenser of Grace, celebrating bastardised court liturgy in a pagan basilica?


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  2. Tom L, I believe the old Roman Ordines. Rubricarius' knowledge, however, is far greater than my own.

    There was a time when I thought that the old Papal high Mass was the principle and highest form of Liturgy, from which all other rites were ''derived,'' in a sense - as though it were a light to which all looked, from which all things came, and to which all things returned, as it were. That Ultramontane idea was dashed when I began to study the history of the Roman Rite.

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  4. Patricius, You are too kind. I know very little about the old Papal Solemn Mass but I am certain I shall never see one in my lifetime.

    As far as I know the rite was an amalgam of the old Roman rite, the revised rite of the Roman curia and some Byzantinesque court ceremonial.

    I would agree with Tom L's comment about Traddies and their labelling. If it ain't in your Baronius 1962 layman's 'missal' it must be modernist folks - to coin an expression.