Friday, 31 July 2015

Holy Russia...

This month I've had more visitors from Russia than from the United States and United Kingdom combined, and they keep coming. I mean, since I dismantled "Sitemeter," which became useless and intrusive, I don't follow my site statistics as rigorously as was my wont aforetime, but I think that's a first for Liturgiae Causa. So I thought for my new Russian audience I'd put this poignant photograph up. Putin is a great man, of course, something any cynic can glean from the fact that he's so despised in the West, but you can never cease praying for the return of legitimate government.


  1. The Russians do take liturgy very seriously. Many years ago I did witness an elderly Greek lady furiously hammering on the iconostasis of the Cathedral in Shepherd's Bush. I asked my late friend Peter Lascelles (Memory Eternal) what th

    e fuss was about and he explained that there was a Gospel for the Saint of the day but the celebrant had not added it to the Gospel of the day. The old lady hammered away until the celebrant came out again and proclaimed the Gospel.

    1. I remember this story. Of course, you wouldn't find this in the downfallen West where father knows best.

  2. I seem to be getting a lot of Russian visitors on all my blogs these days as well. Quite a few Ukrainian visitors too.