Friday, 13 November 2015

Dr Michael Scheuer...

Why Mr Putin will fail and why the Islamic State will win.

See here.

We're done like dinner!


  1. That is CIA propaganda.

    See if you can find Emmanuel Todd's The Explanation of Ideology. He shows how the spread of various ideologies were kept to particular areas because of how families are structured. The Arabs would be busy with their own problems if the U.S. would stop funding all these crazies.

    In Syria, what the U.S. was doing was funding a bunch of rebels against Assad, and most of these rebels are either ISIS, or relatively friendly to ISIS. The objective was to destroy the Assad regime, but now Putin has stepped in and made that unlikely. It is not clear who brought down the Russian plane, and I wouldn't be surprised if it was some clandestine American agency. Our leaders are frighteningly stupid.

    We are only done like dinner because our own countries keep doing stupid things. No doubt you'll be seeing even more Muslims soon. It is almost like our elites have weaponized them and stuck them into our midst. If they weren't well funded and helped every step of the way, they'd still be in the Middle East, quarelling with each other in the sand

    1. I'm not so sure that Dr Scheuer is a propagandist. He seems to write independently of the CIA and I personally only take issue with his belief that 9/11 was an al-Qaeda operation - it clearly wasn't. Otherwise he speaks with absolute clarity and truth about the evils of globalisation, mass immigration, the doctrines of inclusion, diversity and multiculturalism, and Western intervention in the Middle East - with its unquestioning support for Israel especially. I'm not sure who brought down that Russian plane but I wouldn't put it past the Americans.

      I haven't heard of Todd's book.

      I see Muslims almost everyday now anyway. It wasn't like this even ten years ago. Bexley used to be (and, I think, still is statistically) London's least multicultural borough.