Saturday, 7 August 2010

Nunc scio quid sit Amor...

Begin with me, my flute, a song of Maenalus!
Within our garden hedge I saw you - I was guide for both - a little child with your mother, gathering dewy apples. My eleventh year ended, the next had just greeted me; from the ground I could now reach the frail boughs. In the moment I saw you I lost my heart, and a fatal frenzy swept me away.
Begin with me, my flute, a song of Maenalus!
Now I know what Love is; on naked rock Tmarus bore him - or Rhodope, or the farthest Garamantes - a child not of our race or blood!
(Virgil, Eclogues VIII).


  1. Patricie,

    Quinto's on the Charing Cross Road have a good Classics collection in at the moment. Lots of cheap books on Greek and Roman Literature, History and Philosophy as well.

    Well worth a look before you become a Classics undergraduate.

    Good luck with that.

    In caritate Xp.,


    PS: "Liturgiae causa" is not Latin.

  2. Bryan,

    Thanks for the tip, I'll take a look later. ''Liturgia'' is a Latinized Greek form. The Latin equivalent would be ''ritus'', but since this is rarely used to refer to the whole public work (leiturgia) but only to the rite to be observed etc, I chose Liturgia. And by the way the correct vocative case of Patricius is Patrici...