Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Give an inch...

...and they take a mile, as the saying goes.

I have now, after much waiting and hassle, rearranged my hours at work, for the better. I am now in charge of the Newspapers and Magazines and do a basic 29 hour working week, Monday-Friday; Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 6:00am-11:00am, Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:00am-1:00pm. However, there is a horrible catch. In order the get the job I had to look willing, and was confessedly a bit sycophantic (I hate sycophants - particularly the sort of suck up who fawns over ''important'' people but treats us mere mortals with disdain), so I offered to cover my old shifts on top of my 29 hour basic working week. Now all my old shifts are evening-based, so I have been doing ten and a half hour shifts, back to back, all week (last night I finished at 11:00am, went home to twiddle my thumbs then went back at 4:00pm and finished at 9:45pm, only to be back again at 6:00am this morning) and I am exhausted. This is why blogging has been poor lately. Hopefully when things sort themselves out (I won't be holding my breath) this will change.

I'm worried about University...The only good thing about this near-50 hour week I shall have done by Friday is that come payday I won't be so hard up.

On a more pleasant liturgical note, Gregory DiPippo of The New Liturgical Movement blog has resumed his compendious history of the Roman Breviary 1568-1961. I encourage readers of this blog to read that excellent series (I did have them all in my Favourites but they have gone missing for some obscure reason). Part 8.1 (on the Psalter) can be read here.

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  1. "But all be that he was a philosopher,
    Yet hadde he but little gold in coffer,
    But all that he might of his friendes hent
    On bookes and on learning he it spent,
    And busily gan for the soules pray
    Of them that gave him wherewith to scholay
    Of study took he moste care and heed."

    from Chaucer's Prologue to the Canterbury Tales


    How can you study and lose yourself in the footnotes and take serendipitous reading tours of the library if you are working fifty hours a week?

    Now is the time to study, Patrick, you have forty years of work ahead of you.

    Good wishes,