Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Fr Hunwicke has foretold a fierce conflict betwixt the chivalrous sons of Ultramontane tradition and the knavish rabel of Liberalism. He offers the literary works of C.S Lewis as a comfort and a solace amidst the grief that is to come in which vile old queens, who have probably never read C.S Lewis, are denied their right guaranteed by the pope-emeritus to celebrate defective liturgy in whatever church they choose. We have already seen the devastation (!) caused by Fr Fisher in Blackfen and who wants a repetition of such injustice as this? As to C.S Lewis, I would have proffered Letters to Malcolm rather than That Hideous Strength. Malcolm is full of barbed comments about the Papal communion and Lewis even admits his contempt for John Henry Newman therein so I hardly imagine how Lewis can be seen as "Patrimony" that compliments theologians like Ratzinger (he who knows as much about liturgy as a pig).

I hope the inexorable tide of Liberalism drowns them all. I look forward with hope and anticipation for many more such stories as Blackfen. I mean if the cause of "tradition" is represented and epitomised by men like John Zuhlsdorf then it must be wrong!

There's a silver lining,
Through the dark clouds shining,
Turn the dark cloud inside out,
Till the boys come home.


  1. Now dear, I know you are very unhappy and all that, but you do realise, I trust, that you are coming across as a rather bitter old queen. Of course, that might be what you want? Anyway, why deny people like Fr H his simple pleasures? And are you not becoming Orthodox? So what does it all matter to you anyway? I look forward to your coverage of the disputes between the Old Kalenderists and the True Orthodox in Greece.