Saturday, 12 March 2016

My voice...

I hope this works. Moments ago I tried to embed this as an MP3 file on Blogger, which didn't work, so I am shewing up my technical incompetence by referring you here. This afternoon I made a recording of that part of George Orwell's The Lion and The Unicorn, which I quoted in the last post. I said in jest recently that some of you may be dying to know what I sound like. Well now, if this works, you will find out. And you may also judge whether, in the words of that young man from America I met recently, I do, in fact, sound "slightly posh."

UPDATE: I am trying to turn this into a YouTube video via Windows Movie Maker but, despite having the file in both m4a and mp3 format, which are compatible with Movie Maker, I can't do it. So once again I must admit my technical incompetence and appeal to more experienced readers. Any ideas?


  1. Your accent (PR) is nice and your diction is crystal clear. I tend to stammer a bit when I am nervous. Here is me about a year ago giving a training session on the Sarum low Mass -

    Don't forget I'm a northerner, but my mother was from Surrey and my father came from a distinguished family in Yorkshire.

    1. Thank you. I watched your Sarum video, and the tour of the chapel, with enthusiasm. You also did a French video, which I watched and interpreted with my halting understanding of French.

      I can't presently hear my own recording because I am having trouble with Windows Media Player, which is connected to the internet troubles I had yesterday.

  2. Your voice is that of an educated and indeed "posh" man. Lovely!

  3. Download this free and simple media player. It will play anything:

  4. Download this. It will play anything.