Monday, 2 May 2016

A "special" relationship...

It seems to me that our "special relationship" is with the wrong nation. These pictures should tell you why. 


  1. Perhaps they should tell me why, but they do not.

  2. I think that the special relationship has served Great Britain well when they needed the Americans to defeat England's enemies in both world wars; it has always been a relationship of needs, manipulation, and agendas. Nothing more.

    1. Didn't work during the Falklands war, though, did it?

  3. I would rather call it a 'costly relationship'. The negotiated price of the USA entering the war was very expensive indeed and literally cost us the Empire. What might have beens are of little use but one can only wonder what would have happened if the German generals had got rid of Hitler... The contemporary world could have been very different indeed.