Thursday, 28 October 2010

All of Creation Rejoices...

I encourage readers to a visit All of Creation Rejoices, the blog of an Orthodox reader of this blog (and a friend of a friend, whom I hope to meet soon, perhaps at St Magnus the Martyr) called Michael. He put me to shame on Facebook this afternoon (after I had taken my well-deserved afternoon nap) with his liturgical erudition. I have thought for a while that this blog is a forum for erudite readers to comment on questions I ask in ignorance, and he proved me right in that respect!

Do visit the blog - it is now in my blogroll (I shall prune this soon enough).


  1. What an incredibly generous act and post! Thank you, Patrick. I'm not sure I can live up to the standards of your introduction but it really is wonderfully kind of you.

    Thank you so much.

  2. Will you share the erudition?

  3. It really was nothing. Patrick is simply being generous in his praise. He asked a question about the liturgical action depicted in what I took for an illumination from a liturgical manuscript, and I happened to have an answer because of personal interests of mine, now, sadly, no longer pursued to the same degree as once ago.