Sunday, 31 October 2010


It is 6:30am on Sunday. One thing I have noticed since I started blogging (in May of last year) is that visitors to my blog just go away on weekends. On Friday I had 160 whereas Saturday I had about a third of that, and I can think of no reason...


  1. About two thirds, actually... 101/160 = 0.6 And everyone's stats go down at the weekend. Most people seem to check the blogs while at work...

  2. Perhaps it is all the instances of Solemn Mattins, Hours, Mass and Vespers people are doing at the w/e?

  3. Oh of course my dear Rubricarius! And here I was thinking modern Catholics spent a measly hour and a half in church on Sundays...although since today was the novel no-feast of ''Christ the King'' (younger indeed than my grandfather) I think that is excuse enough to go elsewhere for Liturgy...

  4. It's not a Catholic thing. Everyone loafs off on weekends.

    In ICXC