Thursday, 27 February 2014


Having been booted off the New Liturgical Movement, I think some of my old fire has been rekindled. As the Marquess of Montrose observed in Rob Roy, "one must never underestimate the healing power of hatred." The reason I started Liturgiae Causa was because the stink of hypocrisy got too much for me and I had to speak out against the Sackville-Bagginses, being smug in ignorance and comfortable in their arrogance and hauteur. The difference now is that I have a fraction of the readers and comments I had aforetime. But this, of course, I have to expect! My going on is a protest, and being consistantly ignored is a counter-protest. It's their way of saying that they don't accept the truth when it is presented to them.


  1. Try not to hate too much. Oscar Wilde said something about that. Focus on the essential. I and others are trying to untangle traditional Catholicism from traditional-ism. I am very impressed with the comments coming in on my blog.