Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The Bidding Prayer...

Who would not echo the sentiments expressed here by Dr Daniel Rock?

"That we Catholics of England should ever have left off our Salisbury, York and other venerable missals and breviaries, and laid aside our fine old national uses and ritual - among the rest the 'bidding of the bedes' - it is deeply to be lamented. Let us hope, however, that ere long a rite which was practised by the Anglo-Saxons, the Anglo-Normans, and the English, till the end of Mary's reign, may once more be taken up and put to fill its place in the public worship of the Catholics of England, so that our people, as of yore, may all join their priest and say along with him, before he begins his sermon, the truly Catholic petitions of the 'bidding prayer.'" (The Church of Our Fathers, volume II, 1903).

If I remember rightly, the missal of Paul VI has a bidding prayer in this place...

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