Sunday, 10 October 2010


Is there anyone more full of shite than a Sedevacantist? See this site for a good laugh. According to them Pius XII was the last ''true'' Pope and they celebrate the Tridentine Rite, and that if you do not adopt the sedevacantist position (like so many in the SSPX, with whom I desire no communion - ever) you don't really care much for Tradition. The dead give away of their manifest heresy is this line (no doubt inspired by Mediator Dei): ''What we believe, so we pray.'' Their priests even swear Pius X's Oath against Modernity!

Boob. As far as ''true'' Popes go Pius XII was the absolute worst in the history of the Papacy (even worse than John XII, who funded his far too numerous mistresses at the Lateran by the sale of episcopal consecrations). A thousand anathemas upon that awful, heretical, man. And now the ''Tridentine Rite''...To my knowledge the so-called ''Tridentine Rite'' has not been celebrated since 1604 when Clement VIII introduced his new reformed Missal (and I think that the ''ethos'' of the Tridentine Rite died a death when Gregory XIII imposed the Gregorian Kalendar on the Universal Church in 1582). No doubt these ignorant extremists celebrate the '62 Rite merrily, woefully ignorant (or wilfully so) of the fact that the '62 Rite is as far removed from any holistic and authentic hermeneutic of Tradition as is the rest of their deplorable position. But it was before the Council so it's all ok; it's Vatican II which is the enemy of Tradition, not Pius XII! If the See of Peter is vacant then the Church of Christ is builded upon sand. But then some have even gone so far as to elect their own popes. Idiots.

According to their logic because I am not a Sedevacantist I can't possibly care much for Tradition. Well I hope they'll forgive me if my understanding and appreciation of Tradition goes back farther than the 1950s. Also I prefer communion of the Church to schism for its own sake. If the Church is the guardian of Tradition then methinks it is worthy to trust more to the Church than my own finite self in this matter (please do not misunderstand me here: when I poke at the Church for departing from Tradition it is usually individuals I have in mind - Pius XII and Pius X being prominent among them, who because of their exalted positions exerted vast and lasting influence).

See here for another Sedevacantist site, with a nice image of the Sacred Heart to welcome you. Under their Liturgy section no mention whatever is made of the Divine Office but they have no qualms about listing the Rosary (or including a Confiteor before Holy Communion during ''the Latin Mass''). If I would thank Vatican II for anything (and I welcome many of the changes instigated by that Council most Traditionalists blanch at) it would be the schism of these ignorant extremists.

Since Sedevacantists aren't remotely traditional, what are they? Are they merely ignorant or insincere?


  1. If the Roman Catholic Church is the guardian of tradition then there must still be at least one bishop who still holds to that tradition. If not, then it is the Roman system as a whole which has failed in its guardianship and not just individuals such as Pius XII.

    As for sedevacantism, I never even considered it for a second either. I would rather cut off my right hand.

  2. If you want to know true sedevacantists, don't bother with the sites you link to; try this one: These folks are the real deal. Check the articles there, they're mind-blowing

    FYI, real sedevacantists would never go near the '62 Mass, because that's Bugninized proto-New Mess liturgy, as they see it.

    Also, take a look at this article on the OAM that lays out what Fr. Fenton, pre-eminent American theologian of pre-V2 days, had to say about priests who betrayed the oath. The bits about the then-Father Ratzinger are very interesting.

    God bless.

  3. Sedevacantists are just idiots - they're obstinate in their error and just want a return to 1950s Catholicism - to a time when Popes were crowned, Low Mass was the norm and there was no collegiality of the Bishops. And people accuse me of preferring form to substance...

  4. Spot on, P.!
    I must say, I'm still trying to "figure you out"...
    it's beginning to come to me...
    this post says some very important things.
    And God bless you!

  5. I wish SVists were just idiots, but some of them are actually very clever -- that's the problem.

    I've been reading a book about the New Mass called Work of Human Hands, it's by a well known SVist, Fr. Anthony Cekada. The book doesn't have any thing to do with ecclesiology and some of his research and arguments are pretty persuasive. A rebuttal is needed.

  6. The first site you mention claims that Bishop Pavel Hlinica SI consecrated Emmanuel Korab as a Bishop in 1999.

    Unlikely but Bishop Hlinica's consecration is interesting in that he was consecrated as Bishop three months after his ordination to the priesthood in September 1950. Both Clandestine due to Communist repression in Czechoslovakia in 1950 the so-called "Akcie K" or Clearance of the Monasteries after which religious were placed in "concentration monasteries".

  7. After a quick look at your blog, I'm fascinated...

  8. Ladies and gentlemen, there is only one site to go to for authentic Catholic teaching (what you call sedevacantism) and that is You all would align yourselves with the head of a a church of pedophiles and homosexuals - behaviors which the Bible clearly teaches will not get you to heaven. Joe Ratzinger is the spiritual head of the church of the spiritually dead. The whole of the Europe has removed Christian Holidays from it's calendar and did you hear the outrage from Joe Ratzinger? Does he defend and promote Jesus Christ? No he has taught that it is entirely possible to read the Bible and come away thinking that Jesus is not the awaited Messiah. That is to dissolve Christ - that is antichrist. That is why the chair of Peter is empty. Ratzinger is a promoter of heresy and we have no Athanasius to declare him so since they all are members of the lodge and are loyal to that oath.

  9. Bishop Hnlica was a great symphatizer of sedevacantist movement.Msgr. Korab was consecrated sub-conditione at the Vatican by Msgr. Hnilica, Dr.Gerstner arranged the meeting and the consecration took plsce at his private in the Vatican in 1999.