Saturday, 7 January 2012

Blessing the River...

A blessed Epiphany to you all! Mine has been uneventful, really. No blessing of the waters (yet), no chalk, etc. I had to work, of course, though spent happy hours last night instructing my Asian friend in the rudiments of the Christian faith, using a sermon of St Leo and some antiphons as examples (per Liturgiam ad Deum, and all that).

Gregory DiPippo of Style over Substance 'blog has written an interesting post about the blessing of the waters on the eve of the Epiphany, which is one of those subjects which demonstrates how truly ecumenical traditional Liturgy is. I am going to St Magnus the Martyr on the Sunday within the Octave, where we're going to solemnly bless the River Thames. Come along if you have a mind.

I wish to convey my best wishes to the Old Kalendrists who are today celebrating the Lord's Nativity, and, of course, belated blessings to the New Kalendar Armenians for yesterday's festivities.

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  1. A blessed Epiphany to you too, Patrici. And now an apologia for the ''style over subsstance'' blog, which, in my humble opinion, is truly one of the best at internet. But it's scope is quite deliberatly limited to liturgy, and that is why is might seem to you to be about ''style'' rather than ''substance''. It is not meant to be catechesis, but presupposes a good knowledge of Catholic liturgy and its history. It proposes the reform of the reformed roman litugry, and attempts to instill a new and deeper appreciation of the traditional Roman-rite liturgy as well as of other traditional liturigies. It is the only weblog that fulfills this need, and thus it cannot engage in other unrelated questions. We here have been blessing the water at Epiphany for the last five years. I am told that the blessing used to be done in many parishes in this country, before the post-conciliar callapse of Catholicism.