Monday, 16 January 2012

Evensong and Benediction...

I never heard of such tosh. I guess that the Papists won't be content until they have heaped so much of their claptrap onto everything the pope draws unto himself until what little ''patrimony'' is left in the Ordinariate is bent over double, weighed down, and is consequently of little intrinsic worth. Almost like the case of Gwindor, son of Guilin, a prince of the Gnomes, in the Tale of Turambar - a brief stint in Hell with the Dark Lord, and he came forth as one of the aged among Men. I mean the head of this new Ordinariate is now styled ''Monsignor,'' an Italian name unless I am quite mistaken. Do these people know the first thing about the ancestral liturgy of the Church of England? If you want dignity and tradition, why not pay a visit to Westminster Abbey at five o'clock on a typical weekday?

I was invited (naturally), but decided to perform a public service for somebody socially isolated with two atheist friends of mine instead. It was great fun loving my neighbour, I must say.

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