Saturday, 21 January 2012

Where it be the custom...

You would think that such photos as these would damage my credibility, being the arch-Nemesis of the lace cotta, but I have a sense of humour. All I can say is that I enjoy going to St Magnus on Sundays and feasts, and feel privileged to serve there. After all, it's a church with some history and architectural merit and most excellent people, not a hideous barn.


  1. It is good to see you laced up and well, Patrick. I hope that you're looking after yourself.

  2. You look impressive in your lace cotta, Patrici! I am glad that you do have a church which you like, where you might feel at home, even though it be the least of all evils at your disposition, as it were (if i understand correctly.) As you know, the Pope yesterday approved the heretical rites of the NeoCat sect, also known (by me) as ''Kikians''.
    I dread these peole more than anyone else, for they are the Trojan Horse within. The NeoCats are responsible for turning an old classmate and friend against me. The NeoCats hate the Old Rite, as you know, and forbid their members to attend it or to celebrate it. They celebrate their weekly ''meal'' upon a square table, seated around it, on a saturday evening, with attendance limited to their own members, all of whom give a sort of homily. Every liturggical item - chalice, paten, cross, etc. - which they use has to be designed by their founder Kiko, and signed by him. They deny that the Mass is a sacrifice, and donot believe in the Real Presence. They claim that man's nature is bad, that redemption is not possible. All religious writings have to be written by or approved by Kiko himself or his friend the ex-nun Carmen. They claim that true christianity was lost during the 1700 years between Constantine and the Second Vatican Council. They consider themselves to be the only true christians and cnosider all other catholics to be ''heathen''. They venerate Kiko, their founder, who is still alive, as a living Saint, almost God. This sect - a Trojan horse within Catholicism - is worse than the most extreme fundamentalist protestantism. Their infiltration into the Catholic Church bodes no good for the future. They seemed th ahve wormed their way into many places of high position by rendering free services to Nuniatures, to Dioceses, even to the Vatican itself, and so avoided censure. Much like the infamous mexican Maciel, under John Paul II. Thank God that Christ's Church sill subsists within Eastern Orthodoxy, for the Vatican seems to have sold its birthright for a pot of lentils. Hopefully the Patriarch of Constantinople, nor any of the other Eastern Patriarchs, will not sell the Orthodox Catholic religion out to the highest sectarian bidder, as has Benedict XVI! What, Patrici,might your analysis of this situation be?

  3. Michael, yes I am fine thank you. Do you still have my number?

    Albertus, I'm afraid I have no idea what you're talking about.

  4. Patrici,
    i am talking about the infamous Neo-Catechumenal Way, which prefers to style quite arroganlty ''the Way''. It is only the most powerful, the richest and most influential of the ''new ecclesial movements'' at this time. If you have never heard of them, consider yourself BLEST! I wish that i had never heard of them too.