Sunday, 29 January 2012

The Silmarils...

A reader left a comment on this painting (by the Tolkien artist Ted Nasmith) in a now-deleted post, asking whether that Silmaril was ever recovered. No, it wasn't. According to the doomsman of the Valar Mandos, the Silmarils will not be recovered until the Last Battle, and are doomed to abide at the bottom of the Sea, in the heart of the Earth, and as a Star of the firmament until then, and their maker waits in the Halls of Mandos.

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  1. Well, the non-deleted blame lies with society.
    They have taken away our scope.
    You can inadvertently succeed at something, like the people who created Google did. No one was around to regulate them out of existence because nobody understood what a search engine was, or how successful the company would be.
    You can succeed in small spaces where they can't easily see or meddle.
    But, in all the traditional spaces they've made it practically impossible for men to do much of anything. One can hardly be expected to, for instance, be a provider of any sort, when one is expected to compete in the workforce- not only against one's one prospective spouse, but against her mother and grandmother as well!