Friday, 1 May 2015

Just to impress upon you...

Original post. I feel so strongly about the shabby treatment of the holy apostles Philip and James at the behest of pope Pacelli that a few years ago I had a mediaeval Flemish kalendar leaf for the month of May framed. It now hangs in my room next to the frontispiece of the Bishop's Bible.

^^This is the one.^^

Ardent supporters of Tradition, the Latin Mass Society ordo. They keep going on about their 50th anniversary. Fifty years ago nobody was interested in Joseph the Worker!


  1. I celebrated Saint Philip and James today. This feast is on 1st May in the official calendar of the ACC.

  2. Yes, I have always found the modernist calendar to be simply bizarre. What in God's name is "Ordinary Time" supposed to be? This new calendar hardly sanctifies time as did the older one; it, much like the new liturgy, is simply a committee driven mess. That the so-called Papal Catholic traditionalists do not have a problem with it, is very telling.

    1. Blasted Blogger, my reply disappeared.

      I said, equally rich is the traddies obsession with Septuagesima. Exactly what difference does it make to them having it or not? In their case it's just three more weeks of violet; so what? At least under pre-Pacelli rubrics there was a difference in vestments for high Mass and since traddies never put on any Office and have no fasting rules I fail to understand the fuss they make over it...Oh, but wait, silly me! It's absent in the Novus Ordo, so it must be worthwhile!

      I cannot abide this sanctimonious hypocrisy.

    2. Perfect Patrick. Yes, I had forgotten how happy they are with so-called fasting rules of the novus ordo. Without the fast most of the older calendar does indeed make very little sense; once again, Pope, Celibacy, and Latin.

      What is really rich is that they are completely unaware of the office. Instead of sung or solemn vespers on Saturday evening (and Lauds before High Mass), they do the Saturday evening mass so that they can sleep in on Sunday mornings (and what part of our ancient tradition is that supposed to be?); or watch sports on the Television. It is all rather a joke. I also like they way they willy nilly transfer feasts to the nearest Sunday; regardless of either the ranking of the feast or the Sunday!

    3. Traditionalists turn a blind eye to the changes when it suits them (or if they're even aware of them). I find this attitude totally evil. It's a form of Pharasaism.