Wednesday, 2 June 2010

''Pentecost in retrospect''...

Fr Hunwicke, the erudite parson of St Thomas the Martyr in Oxford, has this to say of recent things. Clearly he has more liturgical sense even than the Holy Father, and many who are accounted ''traditional'' in the Church. A snippet:

And I see that they had a Marian festival at St John Cantius on Pentecost Sunday. I don't quite understand this. I don't think anybody who reads this blog is likely to suspect me of lacking devotion to our Lady; but I can't see the propriety of having a Marian theme overshadowing the celebration of the third great festival of the year, even though there is no doubt that she is Sponsa Spiritus Sancti. After all, she is a creature and the Holy Spirit is Almighty God. But quite apart from that ... well ... I don't think I would consider it quite liturgically appropriate, either, to have a fervorino about the Holy Spirit on August 15. What is the point of the Liturgical Year if it doesn't guide our devotion?

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