Saturday, 8 January 2011

St Stephen Protomartyr...

A friend of mine sent me this photo in December. I don't fully understand the significance of such a photo but I appreciated their having shared it with me. They are mitred Deacons, a curious Armenian tradition. As Gandalf said to Gimli on the confines of Hollin, ''may you have joy of the sight, my good dwarf!''

I am presently listening to Good King Wenceslas, a favourite Christmas carol of mine (and one which I know off by heart), though I am trying in vain to recall the amusing lyrics composed by a friend of mine about that awful Pope Sarto...
A very happy feast of St Stephen Protomartyr to you all!


  1. I am so glad that J.M.Neale did not give in to puritan Anglican pressure to alter two lines in G.K.W to:
    Bring me milk and bring me bread
    Thou and I shall see him fed,
    as was suggested, but as he had written a ballad against teetotalism he refused. The words and tune are charming even if dear old Percy Dearmer heavily criticised it as doggerel. Alan Robinson

  2. Alan Robinson,

    I can't stand teetotal people. It is very Catholic and proper to drink. Can you imagine a teetotal Hobbit? Even the Sackville-Bagginses drank!

  3. On St. Stephen's Day, December 25th in the Armenian Calendar, deacons may wear mitres in honour of the Deacon Protomartyr.

    I rather hope I might see it 'live' on year.