Thursday, 6 March 2014

A rotten rope over an abyss...

"If you're on a tightrope, when you first set off you don't know how much play there is in the rope. But when you get into the middle, between the ages of twenty and forty, the thing rocks like mad and it's too late to go back, even to look back. But if you go on as carefully as you can, you see the other platform and then you just make a dash for it, not bothering with what the audience thinks, or waving your arms, or looking dangerous, and difficult and prodigious. What you seize hold of when you get to the other side is, in fact, the edge of your coffin, and you get into it, and you lie down. And you think, 'my cuffs are frayed,' 'I haven't written to my mother,' and all those other things, and then you think, 'it doesn't matter because I'm dead.'

"And this is a message of hope. It will come to an end. It will come. We cannot be blamed for it, and we shall be free." Quentin Crisp.

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