Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Political Correctness...

It's a term that gets bandied about a lot. When disenchanted common folk say things like "it's political correctness gone mad," you know, when a man is prosecuted for selling a pound of bananas or if they find the sight of hordes of women in Oxford Street dressed head to foot in black burkas and walking a few paces behind their husbands objectionable, the liberal elite object that everybody complains about a concept that nobody seems to understand, or if they do (we all do) that nobody is able to define it in a way that seems politically tenable. So what is political correctness? Is it just a reaction felt by people? Is it the sullen fear of a man who finds that he is unable to speak his mind for fear of reprisal in an allegedly free society? I work for a bank that takes pride in its advanced "culture" of multiculturalism, an anti-culture so advanced that a particularly inept African woman is completely immune from disciplinary action because for the bank to criticise her in any way, shape or form would instantly incur the charge of racism. In fact, I have heard this woman say to someone: "you're just saying that because I'm black." There are two ways of answering this: either you say nothing and concede defeat. The African woman does, after all, live in a society that protects her interests over the interests of the British people - and doesn't she know it! Or, you can challenge her and face the possibility of dismissal. It's a tough decision in the modern world, where length of service means nothing and conformity to the new secular philosophy means everything.

That's just one example. There are countless others. I am still, however, no nearer to defining what political correctness is. So far I have illustrated by example only the intimidation people feel in the knowledge that to be a white male Christian puts you at a profound disadvantage. I suppose by implication that if you're a black, Muslim, one-legged lesbian, ticking off the criteria for ethnic and religious minority and being a "handicapable," female homosexual, the world is your oyster! But what kind of pathetic, craven and corrupt system is this! I am outraged to live in a country that hates its own people. This arbitrary system of prioritising ethnic and religious minorities according to which has been the most historically maligned is what is one of the principle evils of our time. I suppose this is why we have gay rights marches and sporting events for disabled people. Our want-of-culture seems to revel in whatever handicap you can name. That to be white, male and Christian is a serious handicap for me and my friends and family is of no consequence.

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  1. The same situation exists in the US. For 150 years Negroes have been told they are the equal of Europeans in every respect. This lie has caused them and whites enumerable problems, particularly in the various school system across America. The curricula is "watered down" to accommodate their intellectual deficits therefore depriving white children of a proper education, it's a no win situation for all involved. Europeans and Africans will never cohabit the same nation in peace, the two are incompatible.