Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Zuhlsdorf the Great...

According to Dr Joseph Shaw, he will be at Corpus Christi church in Covent Garden on Monday next. Had I known this contemptible charlatan was within twenty miles of my house I'd have left the country. Still, I've no doubt that his celebrating Mass in that dingy hovel of a church, littered with dirty chipped statuary and with a noticeable stench of stale urine, will attract scores of eager sycophants ready to buy him beer in the Coal Hole afterwards and hang onto his every word. Still, his state visit would be occasion to picket outside and throw eggs and rocks at him as he comes out.

Awful, awful man. Why anybody listens to him and his half-baked drivel, I have no idea.


  1. You're just jealous no one buys you stuff off your Amazon wishlist.

  2. Well, one of the items in my Amazon wishlist is the Oxford English Dictionary, which has been on the list for almost five years and for which I set up a new savings account in July. I make no secret of the fact that I am selfish - this comes from a childhood of near-constant deprivation - but the difference between "Fr Z" and me is that I work for my money; he seems to want money and things for ranting and taking pictures of his food. "Send me money and I'll remember you at Mass"...when does he ever celebrate Mass? He is incardinated into an Italian diocese and doesn't even live in Europe. He just reminds me of those awful American televalgelists who con gullible people into writing them into their wills. It wouldn't surprise me if Zuhlsdorf doesn't make regular visits to hospices for this express purpose.

  3. Did you not like the High Mass set he had made?