Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merrie Christmass...

Nativitas carnis manifestatio est humanae naturae; partus Virginis divinae est virtutis indicium. Infantia parvuli ostenditur humilitate cunarum: magnitudo Altissimi declaratur vocibus Angelorum. Similis est rudimentis hominum, quem Herodes impie molitur occidere; sed Dominus est omnium quem Magi gaudent suppliciter adorare.

The birth of the flesh is the manifestation of the human nature; the bringing forth of the Virgin is the indication of the Divine power. The little infant is shown in the humility of the cradle: the magnitude of the Most High is declared by the voices of the Angels. He is like the beginning [ie, innocence] of Men whom Herod strives impiously to kill; but He is the Lord of all whom the Magi rejoice humbly to adore.

So wrote St Leo the Great, a jewel among the popes of old Rome, in his famous Tomus ad Flavianum. Is it not melodious, and bethought it of wise doctrine? So it was read by the papal legates to the Council of Chalcedon, upon which the Fathers cried, una voce: This is the faith of the Fathers, this is the faith of the Apostles. So we all believe, thus the orthodox believe. Anathema to him who does not thus believe. Peter has spoken thus through Leo. So taught the Apostles. Piously and truly did Leo teach, so taught Cyril [of Alexandria].

Christmas is possibly the most dear of all feasts in the Church's twofold cycle of liturgical prayer, and the one which truly brings home the fact of the Incarnation. Christ became so truly human as to be a babe in arms, to feel hunger, to feel sad, to get annoyed, to work, to walk at will about the land, to suffer and die at the desire of the Jews. I'm afraid I am very tired after a 60 hour week at work (the busiest time of the year in the retail industry), so posting has been sporadic at best, but may I take this opportunity to wish all my readers every temporal and spiritual blessing in the Holy Child in this most sacred Solemnity of His Birth. Please don't overindulge on peacock!


  1. Patrici, I read your warning too late: for i did overindulge on dutch duck a la danoise this evening! Being tradition-minded, I am wont to eat goose on Christmas day, but this year the goose turned out to be a duck.

  2. Happy Christmas!

    In caritate Xp.,


    Christmas in five words:

    DEUS-Homo et Virgo-Mater

  3. Nativity blessings to you on this feast of St. John, Patricius! And thanks for the reminder of one of my favorite carols. Gaudete, Gaudete indeed.