Tuesday, 20 December 2011

That peasants' shop...

I always had a moral objection to Tesco. The stores are, generally, badly laid out, with serious issues of poor stock control and availability, illegal pricing, lack of POS and promotional signage, with a generally oppressive feeling; the staff are, in my experience, ignorant of promotional lines and just ''don't give a crap,'' to put it one way; all conducive to a positive shopping experience! This isn't to mention the inferior fresh and grocery food standards compared with Waitrose or Marks & Spencers (hence the title), or the fact that it is morally questionable to support an industry where people buy poor quality food just because it's cheap - and we are supposed to be a superior species on this planet?

But I'm afraid this just confirms my aversion. According to Nick Lansley, Head of Research & Development for tesco.com, Christians who oppose same sex marriage are ''evil.'' You can read more about it here. Rest assured that I have written a very scathing email of complaint to the CEO, Philip Clarke. Mind you, being the snob that I am, I only ever went into Tesco for milk. I shall stop that forthwith.


  1. To punish a shop because one of its hundreds of thousands of staff posted an objectional statement on his personal blog in 2008 seems a bit hard. This attack on Tesco originated with the Daily Mail, itself a warning sign. That newspaper also alleged that Tesco had given up helping Cancer UK in order to support Gay Pride. I've checked and the allegation has no foundation even though fundamentalist Protestant blogs continue to repeat it. I shall be shopping at Tesco as usual. You get a better deal and fresher food in a much more sensibly laid out store than in the expensive outlets Patricius mentions.

  2. Supermarkets should be banned.

  3. Patricius: That peasant's shop [...] Mind you, being the snob that I am, I only ever went into Tesco for milk. I shall stop that forthwith.

    And you're the scion of a hereditary peer? Let's get real. You're just a schmo. I'm even worse schmo -- ugly American, that annoying accent, the odious American "entitlement of empire". But "peasant's shop"? Show me your chilled salad fork!

    So, some idiot exec made a stupid comment? Boycott for a time if you need to, but you'll be back to the discount joints, no doubt. I hope you still fill up your car at Tesco, given that their gas prices are usually a few pence lower than Shell or whatever.

    Heck, Betty eats from tupperware every morning. Betcha she'd shop Tesco if her handlers gave her some spending quid. Maybe she doesn't pack a grip because she's sick of seeing her mug on all the money.

    Anyway, I'm done pressing buttons on this blog. On to new pastures. Merry Christmas. Don't put down too much gelt on that Harrod's black forest gateau.

  4. Patrici, i never heard of Tesco. Unlike the official at Tesco, I wouldn't call people (whether christians or otherwise) who condemn same-sex marriage 'evil' ... álthough other words do come to mind. But i am just using this post as an excuse, really, to wish you a very happy Christmas, and a prosperous, serene, love-and-joy-filled year 2012!

  5. Well, I do not know Tesco, being on the other side of the Great Water. But real peasants, being farm folk, know decent natural food. So I would say that calling most supermarkets I know "peasants shops" would actually be insúlting to peasants.

    Merry Christmas!
    The Cavalier

  6. Eques, thank you for your kindly remonstrance, and a Merrie Christmass to you too!

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