Monday, 31 December 2012


If Anagnostis still reads Liturgiae Causa, would he kindly email me?

Thank you.


  1. I'm not Anagnosis, but I still read your blot and appreciate it (I know you would not much like it if I said I 'loved it') I've known a few appues in my time and know that I shouldn't approach you guys too intimately.
    I'm not such a fan of the other 'writings' but love to reread the Tolkein stuff again and again.]
    I was probably one of first Americans to read LOTR as i read it in Iceland before it was published in the USA (at the Brit Embassy in Reykjavik whilst I was stationed there in 1961)
    I came back to the US declaiming the virtues of the trilogy and no one had heard of it!

    Fan ever since!

    Jim of Olym

  2. Auriel Ragmon,

    Forgive the delay in replying. I'm glad you appreciate my blog; I must say it is heartening to know that at least one person thinks my writing is worthwhile. How interesting, that you're among the first Americans to have read The Lord of the Rings. I cannot claim any such thing, of course, as the books were published before my parents were born! May I ask how old are you?